USDA Fellows Classroom Lesson 1

Agriculture and Soil Health

Project Overview

Link to download pdf:

  • Lessons:
    • Soil vs dirt
    • what is sustainable agriculture​
    • Soil and the carbon cycle
    • Plant physiology 
    • Soil degradation​
  • Projects:​
    • Rhizotron 
    • Soil texture ​
    • Soil fertility kit​
  • Projects:​
    • Rhizotron 
    • Soil texture
    • Soil fertility kit

Soil and Agriculture

Why is soil important for agriculture and for humans?

Soil Particle Size

Soil Particle Size

Soil Texture

Soil Texture

Soil Texture Activity

  • Determine the soil texture of soils from the surrounding areas ​
  • Each group will receive 1 jar of soil ​
  • Label your team’s jar​
  • Observe the dry soil and make a hypothesis about the type of soil texture​
  • Add water and soap to mason jar ​
  • Shake for 5 minutes and place in a safe place ​
Soil Texture

Next Time…

  • Plant seeds in Rhizotron ​
  • Create hypothesis ​
  • Learn about sustainable agriculture

Lessons Developed with use of National Agriculture in the Classroom